As with wages, you will be paid the same hourly amount for benefits as is a Canadian Boilermaker. (For actual rates, please see these charts.)

Because the work is temporary and because you're not a Canadian citizen, there will be some differences in the administration of your benefits.

For example, health and welfare contributions will be allocated to an individual health care account in your name.

Likewise, pension contributions will be made to a defined contribution pension benefit in your name. (A defined contribution pension plan is one in which contributions are made on your behalf, but you control the investments in your plan. Your rate of return and the ultimate value of your pension will depend on the performance of the investments you choose.)

Health insurance

Since you will not be eligible for coverage under Canada's provincial health insurance plans, you will be provided with medical insurance.

If you are injured on the job, you can collect benefits from the relevant provincial workers' compensation board in the same way as you would if you were a Canadian citizen.

Your benefits will be administered from the same office that handles the benefit plans of our Canadian members. For more information, please visit