When you work in Canada with the Boilermakers union, you'll pay no hidden fees or commissions on your pay packet, your transportation or your accommodation.

We've heard of scams where temporary workers must pay a percentage of their wages to so-called labour brokers who arrange their jobs in Canada. Not so with the Boilermakers union. You'll pay only your normal and regular union dues, the same as a Canadian would pay.

When you work with the union, your transportation to and from the job site will be covered. Again, there are no hidden markups that come out of your pocket.

Private labour brokers can cost you a bundle through unreasonable charges for accommodations. With the Boilermakers union, you'll get free accommodations during your working stay in Canada.

Finally, with the Boilermakers union, you won't get stranded in Canada. Your employer will pay your return airfare. Believe it or not, we've seen this become a problem when workers deal with unscrupulous commercial brokers.

Apply now to become a contract Boilermaker to get the most out of working in Canada.