To be a contract Boilermaker in Canada, you must provide proof that you are qualified to do the work.

Work History

Pressure welders from Ireland or the UK who wish to work in Canada must provide a letter detailing a work history that outlines the following minimum requirements:

  • Pressure Welders: 6,750 hours and 54 months of trade-related work experience, which would include 36 months of pressure welding experience. Please ensure that the 36 months of pressure welding experience is noted or highlighted in the letter.
  • Work histories must include name of employer, term of employment, company contact information and phone number. This information is critical to comply with trade-qualification and work-visa requirements. Your application to work in Canada will not move forward until we receive this vital information.
  • Welders will be required to pass a point-of-origin weld test to determine if they will be successful in passing pre-job tests once on site. In most cases the point-of-origin weld test will be similar if not identical to the on-site pre-job test. Details on welder testing requirements and locations will be provided. Once your documentation has been received and verified, we will send you further job and travel information.

CSTS - Construction Safety Training System

CSTS is a computer interactive video-based safety program and is compulsory on most industrial sites in Canada. At some work sites, Basic Safety Orientation ("BSO") may be required in place of CSTS. Information concerning this will be provided post dispatch.

You must have CSTS qualification before you can be hired. (Your CSTS qualification has no expiry date. If you have already completed the CSTS process, just bring your CSTS card or letter of completion with you).

  • You must complete the training before you start work.
  • You can complete the course wherever you have computer access: your home, union hall, public library, etc.
  • The CSTS course takes six to eight hours to complete.
  • You do not need to complete the course in one continuous sitting.

D&A Test - Pre-Access Drug and Alcohol Test

Drug and alcohol testing is a pre-employment requirement on most industrial sites in several Canadian provinces. You will need to perform a urine-based drug and alcohol test through a certified testing facility. Arrangements will be made post-dispatch.