Are you between work assignments, or trying to gain experience as a boilermaker? If you're a qualified boilermaker welder, a short-term assignment with Canada's Boilermakers union - the International Brotherhood of Boilermakers - could be just the ticket.

Every year, hundreds of European boilermaker welders get temporary work in the booming natural-resource industry in Canada. Contractors need qualified Irish and British tradespeople to work on the regular maintenance shutdowns of their heavy industrial plants in Spring and Fall.

The work is hard but it pays well. Most jobs last three to six weeks. It means working 10-12 hours per day, six or seven days per week. A qualified boilermaker welder could earn more than €2,000 (about £1,450) per week during the time he or she works in Canada.

Not only will you get top pay and benefits, but your transportation and accommodation will be free. Unlike some unscrupulous brokers, the Boilermakers union charges no hidden fees or commissions.

Once in Canada, you'll be treated as a member of our union for as long as you're on the job. Working union in Canada means more than wages and benefits. It means you'll be treated with respect on the job site. Your rights will be protected by a Boilermakers collective agreement, or union contract. And your safety and health will be protected by the world's toughest rules, regulations and enforcement.

As a short-term contract Boilermaker in Canada, you will be helping Canadians to keep our economy moving. We have a shortage of skilled tradespeople. There are not enough qualified Boilermakers. You will be helping your Canadian colleagues, not taking work from them.

Interested? Apply now to be a part of our Contract Boilermaker program.

A full-time union consultant-recruiter will contact you about your interest.


Before you accept employment in Canada as a welder from a non-union employer, or one affiliated with the Christian Labour Association of Canada (CLAC), please double check with the Boilermakers union representatives to see if they are legitimate. There have been many cases where welders have been recruited and promised many benefits, but when they arrived in Canada they were surprised to find the promised jobs, wages and benefits were not there. Please do not agree to any labour broker fees or believe any of their promises until you check with us.